WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance and Support for Worry-Free Websites

A stagnant WordPress website that is never monitored, updated or touched can start to fail or become a security risk. All software is vulnerable. Even the software that powers your website.

What’s Your Time Worth?

Sure, you can most likely do WordPress updates yourself, but do you have time to remember to run a backup, and are you able to repair things on your own, if a plugin, theme or WordPress update goes wrong — and it does sometimes?

Let a professional handle the heavy lifting for you and spend your time servicing your clients and getting great content onto your blog for better SEO!

WordPress Maintenance

Security Protection

More and more websites are getting hacked and attacked, even big players like Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Target, and most recently the Internal Revenue Service. And, millions of small businesses are affected every day too. It’s the nature of the world we live in now, and unfortunately websites are an easy target.

Software Updates

Running a WordPress site without taking care of updating things like the core software, themes and plugins, leaves your site vulnerable to security risks, hackers, components that don’t play well together and sometimes can break your site when you update it yourself, which can bring your website to a screeching halt in no time flat!

Secure Offsite Backups

Keeping your site up-to-date, backed up, and secure can be time consuming and tedious. It takes precious time away from running your business and building relationships with your customers, staff and partners. We do reglar backups (monthly, daily, or weekly) on your site to keep it safe, and all backups are securely stored in the cloud.

WordPress Maintenance Monthly Plans & Support

Our WordPress Care Plans are available to all WordPress websites, whether we are hosting your website or someone else is. We regularly work with WordPress sites that are hosted with other providers. And, we do not have to have built your site originally to supply monthly maintenance services – and peace of mind – on it either.

You are never locked into a contract and can cancel your maintenance plan at any time.*

Monthly Care Plans for Websites with eCommerce

Sites with eLearning, Memberships, or Advanced Functionality must choose Gold plan or above.









*These updates are important for the security of your site. Old and outdated software, plugins, and themes are the most common ways for hackers to gain access to websites.

**Upon customer request. You must submit a work order for any changes you wish to have completed during the month. If your changes exceed your allotted time additional charges will apply. Unused time does not roll over from month to month. Building new pages, SEO work, programming, graphic design work, etc. is not included. The type of tasks that would be included would be things like entering a blog post you provide to us, making minor copy changes to wording on site, replacing photographs, etc.